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Unveiling The Foundation: Goldprint and ZVN's New Album

Updated: Jun 30

Goldprint and ZVN, announce the release of their upcoming album, "The Foundation." This musical endeavor, crafted in collaboration with entrepreneur Darrell Reese Jr., is set to accompany his short film of the same name. The album, narrated by the brilliant ZVN, promises to be a captivating soundtrack that immortalizes the moments and sounds from Reese's cinematic creation.

Already making waves are the released tracks "The Gospel" and "Graces," both skillfully recorded by ZVN. These musical glimpses offer a taste of the thematic depth and sonic richness that "The Foundation" is poised to deliver. As the year progresses, supporters can anticipate additional releases, including videos and more records, building anticipation for the album's release.

After the release of "The Gospel," Goldprint announces the "Seven Installments". The journey began with the release of the first two installments, "Graces" and "The Gospel". These initial offerings set the stage for what promises to be a transcendent musical experience, with ZVN's narration and the Goldprint's touch.

As anticipation mounts, the third installment, "Black Gold," emerges as a beacon of anticipation. Serving as an exclusive EP, this release features not only the previously unveiled tracks "Graces" and "The Gospel" but also introduces two new records destined to leave a mark on listeners. "Black Gold" serves as a precursor to the forthcoming album, offering fans a taste of the sonic brilliance yet to come.

"The Foundation" is not merely an album; it's a reference point for redemption, faith, gratitude and triumph, executive produced by Darrell Reese Jr. This project proudly falls under the creative umbrella of Goldprint and Create 2 $urvive, promising a harmonious blend of cinematic excellence and musical genius. Prepare to embark on a transformative journey when "The Foundation" hits all platforms soon.

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