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Introducing the "Black Gold" Collection: Where Music Meets Fashion

Goldprint and ZVN are thrilled to unveil their highly anticipated Spring-Summer 2024 Collection, "Black Gold," a seamless fusion of music and fashion inspired by their exclusive EP release of the same name. This collection serves as a canvas for their artistic expression, allowing fans to immerse themselves in the essence of their music through wearable art.

Featuring a range of pieces including bold graphic tees, capsule accessories, and statement outerwear, the "Black Gold" Collection captures the spirit of resilience and introspection found within their music.

Every detail of the collection tells a story of creativity and innovation. As music and fashion converge in the "Black Gold" Collection, curated by Darrell Reese Jr., supporters are invited to join the journey and experience the magic of Goldprint and ZVN firsthand.

Stay tuned for updates as the "Black Gold" Collection prepares to make its mark on the worlds of music and fashion, inviting enthusiasts to embrace the essence of "Black Gold" and celebrate the enduring power of artistic collaboration and expression.

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